December 7, 2021

Ms Camila Sáenz

CEO & Co-founder


Camila Sáenz is the CEO and co-founder of TUTEEMI, an online and in-person tutoring platform that connects foreign language tutors with Taiwanese students. Currently, she is a Ph.D Business Management Student and Adjunct Instructor at MingChuan University. Camila is an entrepreneur with a history working in the media production industry. She sold hundreds of copies of her first photobook, unDifferent, before finishing her MBA.
Camila is a Public Speaker with experience in Strategic Public Relations Planning in the Diplomacy Sector, Event Coordinator, and Leadership. She has won 9 years of fully funded scholarships to study for her bachelor’s and Ph.D Degree. Back in her home country, Guatemala, she volunteered to lead house construction for people living in extreme poverty for 4 years. Camila speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese. She believes that languages are the main door to every opportunity you will ever desire. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.