December 19, 2021

Mr Darnel Francois


Study Space & Draper Startup House

Hailing from the Twin island Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago, Darnel Francois is a tech entrepreneur on a mission. While building his own edtech startup Study Space, he also pours his tech business acumen and relationships into other startups as an advisor. This passionate vision to see other startups thrive and the Caribbean turn into a startup hub has led to pivotal partnerships with Draper Startup House and Ventures.

This is a long way from his amateur start in business being paid to help set up desktop computers at 11 for friends and family and selling printed song lyrics and custom playlist CDs in high school. Darnel runs a digital agency with his best friend to bootstrap operations and is currently formalizing his product manager skills via Bootcamp education.

The reimagining of how education is delivered and the future of remote work and is at the heart of all that he does hence his grit in taking on the gargantuan challenge faced by Study Space.

Study Space is an AI driven learning management system that proposes to transform education access nationwide in developing countries and emerging markets.

It aims to create a clear path for students to learn, up-skill and be employed.

Join him as he reimagines the learning journey and tech in the Caribbean!