January 25, 2022

Mr Bo Discarga



Before founding Betterteem, many people knew Bo Discarga as an employee experienceleader to companies such as Bank of America, Startek, Accenture, Quantrics, andJPMorgan Chase. He helped these companies identify the pain points of employee experiencein their organization and develop a sustainable plan to improve people's moraleand engagement to affect overall business delivery.

Bo spentmore than ten years managing employee engagement and experience in thePhilippine BPO sector. Having worked in different organizations with differentemployee demographics, he firsthand experience how challenging it is to definethe true meaning of Filipino employee experience. To date, there is nobenchmark data that will precisely set out the definition of the Filipinoemployee experience. Though the systems created decades ago by Gallup and IBMKenexa were reliable options to measure employee satisfaction, they have nospecific benchmark data to establish the true meaning of the Filipino employeeexperience (in the BPO sector). Over the years, employee engagement andexperience models have drastically changed more quickly than such megalithscould adjust for, which opened the door to Betterteem.

Specialties:Organizational Development (OD), Change Management, Performance Management,Employee Relations, People Experience, Corporate Social Responsibility,Employer Branding, Human Resources, Marketing, Corporate PR, Newsletters, MediaRelations, Business Development, Social Media, Project Management, Budget Management,Philippine Labor

Employee Experience Leader to Entrepreneur